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Class Descriptions

“Play is often talked about as a relief from serious learning but for children play is serious learning.”

–Mr. Rogers-

Preschool Preparation Group- A full separation group where parents remain at the center to observe their little ones. Our lesson consists of circle time, social free play, activities related to our theme of the week as well as snack time with friends. This group is geared as a preschool readiness group for future school transitions and activities. Class is an hour and a half long and families are asked to provide snack and drink for their child. Our curriculum for this program is referenced from the Connecticut Early Learning and Developmental Standards.

Lima Beans-ages 3-5

Arts & Crafts Group & MESSY Art- Our Little Bean’s Art’s & Crafts & drop In messy art classes are a partial separation group geared for children who love to explore their creativity and imagination. Our friends will be engaged as they participate in hands on learning in the world of art concept, free art and of course some messy fun. Here at Little Bean we hope to develop their fine motor skills and social interaction through brush painting, cutting, pasting, building, sharing and more... Children will leave with a project each class and art projects are tailored to each child’s age and development.

 Pinto Beans

Group A- Ages 18 months-3 years of age

Group B- Ages 3 -5.

Messy Art- Ages 18 months- 5 year of age

Jumping Beans Arts & Crafts Play Group- These are semi-structured, structured and sensory groups that consist of opportunities for children to enhance there social, emotional, gross and fine motor skills through play with other children and their caregivers. Caregivers will be able use these skills, activities and lessons at home for continued encouragement, connection and growth with their child! These classes are an hour and a half long to promote special bonding time! Your little bean will take home an art project every class! 

Jumping Beans Play Group

Ages 1-4

Social Emotional Development Group- "Jelly Beans"-This group is structured to promote healthy social-emotional development skills in children. This groups is for children aged 3-5 and will follow a specific curriculum to promote positive relationships with others. Children will learn skills to handle social situations that can be difficult. These classes are 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes of allowed free play in our movement room after class to get their wiggles out!

Baby and Me Group- “Bean Sprouts”- For ages 6 weeks to 6 months, an hour long group structured around bonding time for caregiver and baby and support from caregiver to caregiver. We will provide structured hands on play and the opportunity to interact with other babies. Sensory toys, music, tummy time and other props will be used to encourage babies and “adult” learning and play.

Zumbini®- mixed ages 0-4, This is a class that is led by Certified Zumbini® instructors. Zumbini® is moving, grooving and growing for grown ups and me. Created by Zumba ® and BabyFirst™ for kids ages 0-4, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!

Silliness and Wacky Dance Moves are not required-but highly, highly encouraged.

Free Play- “Express Yourself”- A group for our friends of all stages. This group is offered as a fun addition to your child’s weekly age appropriate class. This is a free weekly activity for families already enrolled in a group at the center. Express Yourself allows your children to play and explore at their own pace. Just a friendly reminder, parental supervision is required. 

Park and Recreation Open Play Group- Is an informal, unstructured group for children ages 1-3 that allows for a fun filled time for kids to bond with their caregivers as well as their peers. They will have the opportunity to express themselves through play and develop social skills. This group is hosted by Little Bean Learning Center in collaboration with the Watertown Parks and Recreation due to the recent remodeling of their current location. We are happy to support Parks and Recreation during this transition so please come join us for some Little Bean fun!!!

*Groups can be tailored to accommodate our friends specific learning and development needs. Please feel free to ask for further information to ensure we can provide the right learning environment for your child*

Other Classes Offered at Little Bean!


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